Clever Bird Can’t Stand His Owner’s Music, So He Uses Alexa To Outsmart Her

Anyone who is tech saavy will likely own an Amazon Echo/Alexa and knows just how handy this piece of technology is. Just by using a voice command, you can do things like play trivia games, get the weather, or even play music.

In the video below this story, you’ll see a clever African Grey parrot named Mr. Magoo figure out how to use Alexa to his own advantage, much to his owner’s dismay.

Mr. Magoo has quite a following on social media because his owners love to post videos of him. He’s smarter than the average bird and has learned to say many words.

In a recent video, Mr. Magoo can be seen calling the shots on what music was playing in his home. The video opens with his owner asking Alexa to play “New York, New York” as Mr. Magoo sits near the speaker. As soon as the song starts playing, Mr. Magoo makes it clear that it is annoying him, and he starts to walk back towards his cage.

Out of nowhere, Mr. Magoo says “Alexa stop!” and the song immediately stops playing! His owner responds by saying “hey, I like that song!” and telling Alexa to play it again, but within seconds, Mr. Magoo says “Alexa stop!” for a second time.

Mr. Magoo’s owner can do nothing but laugh, as it’s clear that her bird is setting the rules in her house.

Video of Mr. Magoo’s latest antics has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 500,000 times! Check it out for yourself below.


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