Canadian Tourist Suffers Heart Attack While Jogging On Florida Vacation – Is Rescued By Stranger From His Hometown

A man from a small town in Canada was out for a jog in Florida while on vacation when he suffered a heart attack, and he ended up being saved by a perfect stranger. Afterwards, he was stunned to learn that the stranger was actually from his small hometown!

Tom Reddon from the Canadian town of Fredericton was jogging with a friend in Indian Rocks Beach when he suddenly collapsed. Two women saw it happen and while one of them called 911, the other ran to get help. She ended up finding Sandy MacNeill, who was out for a walk with a friend, and she asked if either of them knew how to perform CPR.

Though Sandy had taken a few CPR courses over the years, he had never actually performed it in real life. However, knowing that he was the only person who could save Tom, he ran over to him and began performing the chest compressions.

“Tom didn’t have a pulse, so I just made sure somebody had called 911 and then continued to give CPR until we heard the sirens and the fire trucks showed up,” Sandy said.

Finally, paramedics arrived and rushed Tom to the hospital, where he got immediately surgery. Once he woke up in recovery from the operation, Tom said that the last thing he remembered was the warm-up walk before the jog.

“Next thing I remember is waking up two days later in the hospital,” he said.

Tom and Sandy got the chance to meet a few days later, and they were stunned to learn that they were both from Fredericton.

“We got along famously well, and I think we’ll get together when we get back in Fredericton over a craft beer or two and talk about life and stuff,” Tom said, while Sandy had a different idea for a good get-together.

“I think maybe we should all meet at a CPR course,” he said.


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