Budweiser Releases Powerful Tribute To Dwyane Wade – ‘Bigger Than Basketball’

An emotional tribute to NBA star Dwyane Wade is going viral this week, and it has internet users everywhere in tears.

Wade just retired from his career with the Miami Heat, leaving behind a legacy that Budweiser says is “bigger than basketball.” While Wade accomplished a ton on the court, he also did a lot philanthropically off the court as well. Over the years, he’s done things like set up college scholarships for underprivileged kids and reach out to school shooting survivors and their families to see if they needed anything.

Just before Wade’s final game in Florida, Budweiser released an emotional tribute to him that is making the rounds on the internet. The video shows Wade standing alone in the empty Heat arena as people whose lives he’s changed come to thank him one by one. Since Wade has a habit of trading jerseys with other players, each person has an article of clothing that is important to them. Their kind words for the NBA legend are sure to bring you to tears!

One young woman who received a college scholarship from Wade offered him her cap and gown, thanking him for allowing her to achieve her education dreams.

Another woman who lost her brother in the Parkland school shooting brought her brother’s own basketball jersey to trade, telling Wade how much it meant to her family to see that he had written her brother’s name on his shoe during a game after the tragedy.

The most emotional part of the video comes when Wade’s mother Jolinda appeared. She admitted that though she had messed up in life and had even gone to prison, her son was the one person whose love and support for her never wavered.

“I am more proud of the man you have become than the basketball player,” Jolinda said. “You are bigger than basketball.”

Check out the emotional video for yourself below.


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