Bride-To-Be Is Told To Burn Her ‘Trainwreck’ Dress After Internet Tells Her It Would ‘Only Flatter Someone With Elle Macpherson’s Body’

A bride-to-be just went viral for all the wrong reasons after she posted photos of her wedding dress, only to have internet users slam it as an “absolute nightmare.” A barrage of negative feedback on the woman’s choice of wedding dress quickly resulted when she asked a question regarding possible alterations to the dress.

The woman initially posted photos of the dress in the hopes of getting advice on whether she should put in an inlay or leave the middle section of the dress sheer. Her post was later shared on a popular wedding sharing group, where social media users said it was “trainwreck.”

“The only redeeming factor to me is the neckline but it looks like someone cut up six different dresses and stuck them together,” one person commented.

Others said that the dress did not fit the woman’s body type and would only work on a supermodel.

“This would only ever be flattering on someone six foot tall with the body of Elle Macpherson,” one person commented, with another adding, “You have to be extremely thin and tall for those dresses to work and even then it’s a gamble.”

“I feel like Jessica Rabbit, a cartoon character, is the only one who could wear this oddly cut dress,” another woman said. “Like… this wouldn’t even go well on Barbie’s figure.”

Some people did try to offer the woman advice on how she could make wearing a mermaid dress, which they said was complicated to wear and not flattering. The general consensus was that she should either go without the inlay, which they said looked like a “weird skin belt,” or find a dress that covers the entire length of the transparent section.

“Basically any other waistline option for a dress could have looked better,” one person said.

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