Adorable Little Boy Bursts Out Laughing During His Music Class

An adorable video is going viral this week shows a little boy having the time of his life during a music class.

As soon as his teacher starts playing the guitar, the little boy can’t help but burst into a huge smile. He then bursts out laughing and can’t seem to stop as the teacher continues to play. As you watch this video, it will be impossible for you not to start smiling yourself!

It has long been said that laughter is contagious, and this video certainly proves that. Before long, all of the other students are laughing as well along with the little boy. Parents Magazine states that this kind of laughter is a good sign when it comes to the milestones of children.

“By their second birthday, kids have a basic mastery of simple rules and patterns. Hence, they appreciate the humor in breaking them,” the publication states. “If, for instance, your child knows for sure that the cow says ‘moo,’ she might find it very funny if you took a stuffed cat or dog and made it say ‘moo.'”

If this video is any indication, it’s clear this little boy will love music for as long as he lives. We would not be surprised if he ends up going into a career in music when he’s all grown up!

Social media users can’t get enough of this video, as it has been viewed over six million times! This is the perfect video to lift your spirits. Watch the video below to put a smile on your face.


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