96 Year-Old Grandma Stuns Everyone With Epic Dance Moves – ‘It’s Just In My DNA’

A 96 year-old grandmother has become a viral sensation after wowing the world with her incredible moves on the dance floor.

Shirley Goodman has been dancing ever since she was 8 years-old, so when she headed out on the dance floor at her great-nephew Ethan Cohen’s recent New Jersey wedding, she was ready to turn some heads! Video of her dancing to a Bruno Mars song has quickly gone viral, with social media users dubbing her “the dancing nana.”

“It’s just in my DNA,” said Shirley, who lives in Sarasota, Florida. “… I just love it. I hope that shows up when I dance.”

In the video, Shirley performs a move that she calls the “tush push,” which she says she performs at all her family functions.

Shirley began taking lessons as a young child, and she was so good at it that she opened her own dance studio as a teenager. Though she later closed the studio, she continued dancing in her free time as she raised her four children. In her old age, Shirley credits dancing with keeping her going in life.

“I’ve had two open-heart surgeries. I have a pacemaker and stint and through all that I still recuperate fast and get back to dancing because my legs are still working well,” she explained. “The doctors tell me it’s because I have been dancing all my life.”

Even at her advanced age, Shirley continues to teach jazz line dancing and tap dancing lessons in various clubs around her city. In the end, Shirley has no intention of ever stopping dancing.

“I’m gonna keep on dancing till I drop,” she said with a smile.

Check out her moves for yourself in the video below!


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