9 Year-Old Girl Who Survived Horrific Hit And Run Takes Her First Steps Just One Week Later – ‘I’m Coming Back’

A 9 year-old girl has just spoken out days after she was injured in a horrifying hit and run while playing outside in her front lawn.

LaDerihanna Holmes was hit by a car while playing in her front yard in Lithonia, Georgia, leaving her with a fractured skull and broken pelvis. The entire incident was captured on security footage that also showed the driver fleeing the scene afterwards.

Gabriel Jabri Fordham, 28, finally turned himself in to police a few days later and was immediately hit with charges of hit and run and serious injury by vehicle. Since then, Gabriel has claimed that he was trying to fight off a carjacker when he crashed into LaDerihanna.

Just one week after the crash, a defiant LaDerihanna is determined to make a full recovery, saying, “I’m coming back.” She’s still confined to a wheelchair at this time, but she’s working hard in physical therapy.

“We’ve taken a few steps on the walker – as many as I could do. I was like, I’m not going to be in the hospital for too long,” she said, adding that though she was “in a lot of pain” when she was first rushed to the hospital,¬†she wants to be walking in “about a week.” LaDerihanna also thanked everyone for all the support she has received.

“It’s just wonderful and overwhelming that they’re helping me and praying for me and putting me in their prayers, and it’s just so nice,” she said. “My goal is to get better with the help from everybody in the world.”

LaDerihanna’s parents are just grateful that she survived, as they were not sure if she would after the crash.

“She’s truly a miracle. From what happened to her I’m surprised she’s alive,” her mother said. “She’s a strong, resilient little girl. She’s very, very strong – she keeps me strong on my every day.”

Please keep this brave little girl in your thoughts and prayers!


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