9 Foot-Alligator Is Pulled Out Of Florida Family’s Swimming Pool

A family from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida got the shock of their lives last Monday when a visitor came to their home that they definitely were not expecting.

Just after sunrise that morning, Senta Evans was looking out across her backyard before letting her two dogs out, as she does at the start of each day. On this particular morning, however, Senta was stunned to see a massive alligator in her backyard pool.

“I was like Mike there’s a gator in the pool,” she remembered with a laugh.

Her husband Mike expected to see a two or three foot alligator, so imagine his surprise when he saw the enormous nine footer!

“The trapper came out here with some gear to get a six-foot alligator out,” Mike explained. “He said that things nine-feet and he went back and got bigger gear. It was kind of nuts.”

The Evans family looked on in astonishment as the trapper, who showed up alone, singlehandedly raised the alligator out of the pool via the shallow end. It miraculously only took the trapper twenty minutes to get the alligator out of the pool, and a neighbor helped him lift the creature into his truck.

The trapper told the family that the alligator will be taken to a location that is more appropriate location than a family pool! Though the Evans family has lived in the area for twelve years and has seen alligators around occasionally, this is the first time they have seen an alligator on their own property.

Find out more about this in the video below!


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