7-11 Owner Catches Starving Thief Stealing Snacks – Sends Him Home With Food Instead Of Calling Cops

The compassionate owner of 7-Eleven is being praised after he sent a starving thief home with more food when he caught him stealing snacks.

Jitendra Singh was managing his convenience store in Toledo, Ohio over the weekend when one of his employees told him that a young man was acting suspiciously. Singh immediately went to review the security footage, and it quickly became obvious that the teenager was stealing snacks.

As soon as the thief reached the counter, Singh confronted him and told him to reveal all the items he was trying to steal immediately. The teenager then told Singh that he was only stealing the snacks because both he and his younger brother were starving with no way to get food.

Much to the young man’s surprise, Singh did not call the police. Instead, he told him to go and collect more pizzas, chicken, sandwiches, fruits, and meals from the aisles so he could take them home completely free of charge. Cedric Bishop was shopping in the store at the time, and he was so touched by Singh’s actions that he took to Facebook so that he could tell the world what he did.

“The cashier had the 911 operator on the phone and the owner told her to hang up,” Bishop wrote. “The owner [then told the teen] ‘This is not food. You want food, I’ll give you food.’”

Bishop even stepped up to give the teenager $10 to take home along with all of the food Singh gave him.

“I thought that was an amazing thing the owner did,” Bishop continued. “Some young people just need to know that someone cares.”

Though Singh has been hailed as a hero for what he did, he does not see it as a big deal. He explained that he has owned the store for five years, and during that time, he’s tried to do was many kind things for his community as he can.

“It’s not going to make any difference to me if I give him some food because we make a lot of food, we sell a lot of food,” Singh said. “If he goes to jail then he’s definitely not going to do anything good in life.”

Find out more about this in the video below.


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