20 Year-Old Woman Who Is Raising Five Younger Siblings Is Given Free Car By Anonymous Good Samaritans

A 20 year-old woman from Florida who is raising her five younger siblings was just given the gift of a lifetime when anonymous donors gave her a new car.

Samantha Rodriguez of Orange County has been raising her younger siblings, who are between the ages of 5-16, ever since their parents died, and things have been far from easy for them.

“Doing everything on my own is very hard,” Samantha said.

To make ends meet, Samantha works days as a server at Disney Springs at Disney World while her grandmother watches her siblings. To get around, Samantha would ask for rides for friends or take the bus, but doing so was very difficult.

Things just got a whole lot better for Samantha and her family after the Orange County Sheriff’s Office presented her with a new Nissan Versa. Samantha and her siblings could not believe their eyes when they saw the vehicle!

“You don’t know how much this means to us,” Samantha said as she was given the keys. “It’s such a big help.”

This comes months after the Sheriff’s Office treated Samantha and her brothers and sisters with a series of Christmas gifts that included a free helicopter ride. The police department posted about the gifts went viral, and members of the community quickly started reaching out asking how they could help the family.

So many donations came pouring in that officers were able to buy the family a brand new car!

“I’m so glad to have people like you guys in my life,” Samantha said gratefully.

She went on to talk about how much the car will change her family’s lives.

“Having a car is a major priority for any family, really,” she said. “Not having a car before was really difficult to get around. Now that I have a car it motivates me to get more done and do what I need to do.”

“I will help bring my family closer together. Now that we have a car, we can go to church on Sundays like we used to. And the kids have already asked to go to the park. The possibilities are endless,” Samantha continued, adding that it will allow her family to finally participate in after school activities. “This act of kindness has gone beyond for me, I’m so grateful. There’s nothing I can do to pay them back.”

Find out more about this amazing story in the video below.


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