Woman Is Stunned To Learn Why Her Dog Goes Missing For Days At A Time

Rachel Howatt is a woman from Manitoba, Canada who immediately went into panic mode when her beloved dog Koda went missing for a few days around Christmas. Rachel had no idea where Koda had gone until she finally caught sight of the dog on a game camera. Not only was Rachel stunned by where the dog had gone, she was shocked by why the dog left.

“Remember when I posted that Koda our little renegade husky was missing around Christmas time for a number of days?” Rachel wrote on Facebook earlier this month. “I finally learnt what she was doing in the valley for so long after our neighbour checked his game cams.. and I’m amazed.. I still can’t believe this!! Sleeps, eats, and plays around with a buck she made ‘friends’ with.. WOW such an unbelievable pooch.”

Koda, a husky, had disappeared for three days from her cattle ranch in Pembina Valley before returning on December 23, happy and healthy. Rachel explained that she did not know where Koda had gone for months until a neighbor checked the memory of one of his old hunting cameras. It was only then that he found hundreds of shots of Koda and the buck hanging out together!

Rachel could not believe her eyes when her neighbor showed her the images.

“You’re joking! There’s no way that’s the truth,” she remembered telling him. “I need to see proof before I believed it.”

Then she saw the proof with her own eyes.

“Hundreds of pictures of Koda and this buck. They spent whole (days) together,” Rachel said.

After Rachel posted the photos online, another neighbor told her that she had seen Koda and the buck walking on a country road together around that time. They are clearly the best of friends!

Rachel is absolutely positive that this is not the last time Koda will visit her friend.

“It kind of makes sense now, because she does still disappear for a few hours at a time,” she said. “I joke it’s to check up on this new friend she’s got in the valley.”


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