Touching Moment 2 Year-Old With Spina Bifida Walks For The First Time

A powerful video is going viral this week showing the moment a toddler who suffers from spina bifida manages to walk for the first time.

Roman Dinkel is a 2 year-old boy who was diagnosed with spina bifida when he was still in the womb. His mother Whitney Dinkel was only 20 weeks pregnant when doctors gave her the news about her unborn son.

Though Roman underwent surgery to help with his breathing and functional movement in his legs after birth, doctors warned his parents that the little boy may never be able to walk. Despite this, Whitney and her husband Adam Dinkel decided to remain positive and hope for the best for their son.

From the time he was born, Roman got the best physical and chiropractic care that was available, and he soon learned how to move around with a walker. Once he could do this, Roman started trying to use crutches. In the video below, you’ll see Roman take his very first steps ever! The little boy can’t hide his excitement, as he immediately starts yelling, “I’m walking! I’m finally walking!”

Video of the emotional moment has gone mega-viral, being viewed over 135 million times! The video is inspiring millions of people all over the world to never let lose faith despite the odds. Despite all that they have been through, Roman and his parents never lost their faith in God. We can’t wait to see what strides little Roman will make in the years to come!

Check out the video for yourself below!


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