This Math Problem Is Stumping The Internet – Can You Solve It?

A math problem is going viral online this week, and it’s stumping people all over the globe.

If you’re anything like me, math is not your strong suit. This problem left me completely stumped, but maybe you’ll have better luck!

The problem above probably looks easy upon first glance. However, once you see the answer, you’ll likely change your mind about this snap judgement. It has since been revealed that most of us were taught how to do this wrong in elementary school thanks to an outdated method.

Most of us were taught learning the phrase “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” from the time we were young. As you may remember, this sentence is an acronym for the correct order of operations (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction). Seems simple enough, right?

If you got “1” as the answer to this problem like most of us did, it might be time for you to brush up on your math skills. It turns out that in the years since all of us were in grade school, there has been an update to “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” that changes everything.

In the video below, you’ll learn the update to this old trick, and it will have you looking at the math problem above this story in a completely different way! Once you learn this update, you’ll be able to stump your friends who think they’re so savvy at math with this same problem.

The video below has been viewed over eleven million times, helping out frustrated internet users everywhere. Check it out for yourself below!


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