Texas Granny Has To Be Rescued After Iceberg She’s Posing For Photos On Floats Out To Sea

A Texas grandmother had to be rescued while vacationing in Iceland earlier this week when the iceberg that she was sitting on to have her picture taken floated out to sea.

Judith Streng was vacationing with her son Rod when the two came upon a chaise-shaped iceberg while walking along a beach. They watched as others took photos on the iceberg, and when Judith finally asked for permission to pose for one herself, she was given the all-clear to get on it.

“It was shaped like an easy place to sit. You can tell by looking at the shape of it, and I thought well it looks like fun,” Judith explained.

Her son was able to take one photo of her before a huge wave hit and started to pull the iceberg out to sea with her on it.

“When I got on it, it started to totter and a wave was coming in,” Judith said. “A very large wave came in and kind of made the throne kind of rock, and I could tell that I was slipping off.”

Randy Lacount, a Florida boat captain, happened to see what was happening, and he immediately took action. He dove into the water, swam out to the iceberg, and pulled Judith safely back to land.

Despite everything that happened, Judith said that she has no regrets about hopping on the iceberg.

“I thought it [would] be quite fun,” she said. “You know I always wanted to be queen. I mean, come on, that was my chance.”

Find out more about this in the video below!


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