Technician Steps In To Help Stressed Mother With Unruly Toddler

Any parent knows how difficult it can be to have a toddler around the house. While toddlers are undoubtedly lovable, they can also be very difficult to handle. They have tons of energy that they can use for good or bad purposes, and it is nearly impossible to predict how toddlers will behave on any given day. Things are great when they are in a good mood, but when toddlers are upset about something, things can take a turn for the worse very quickly.

Jessica Donnahoo was having one of those bad days one recent Saturday morning with her 3 year-old son Sailor, who was becoming extremely fussy. Just when things were turning into all-out chaos, help arrived for Jessica in the unlikely form of a technician who was there to set up her television.

Sailor, who Jessica adopted right after he was born, suffers from two rare brain conditions: optic nerve hypoplasia and a seizure disorder. The former has left him blind, which makes it harder for him to learn. It has also heightened his other senses, leaving him more sensitive to his surroundings and more likely to get fussy.

Rob Kinney is a technician for Spectrum, and he arrived at Jessica’s home on that Saturday to set up her television for streaming. When he arrived, he saw that Jessica was struggling to soothe Sailor, and he did not hesitate to lend her a helping hand.

As soon as Rob started talking to Sailor, the little boy reached out his arms to hold the man. Rob still was able to do his job as he held Sailor, and Jessica was touched by what he was doing for her and her son.

“He would bounce Sailor using one arm to hold him and make internet adjustments with the other,” Jessica said. “As a Momma, I was incredibly grateful for his kindness.”

As the single father of a 4 year-old, Rob knows how hard it is to handle a toddler alone, and he was quick to give all the credit to Sailor’s parents.

“For them to adopt him and take care of him on a daily basis is much more than what I did for a short period of time,” Rob said. “God really has blessed that family and will continue to do so because of the kind and gentle spirit they have. They deserve more recognition than anyone.”


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