Subway Train Falls Silent As Little Boy Breaks Into Ed Sheehan Song

Anyone who has ever ridden the subway in New York City knows how hectic it can be. Subways are often very noisy, and the only thing on the minds of commuters is getting to their destination as quickly as possible. On this particular subway commute, a young boy gave a surprise performance that captured the attention of all his fellow passengers.

As a longtime New York resident, Nazario Maisonet has seen many things on the subway, so it’s difficult to surprise him. Recently, however, Nazario saw something on the subway that was so magical that he just had to record it.

A young boy named Jason was on the subway with his guitarist Eddie, and the two broke into an impromptu performance. Jason began to sing the Ed Sheehan hit “The A Team,” and he did such a good job that the entire train fell silent. Even the most disgruntled New Yorkers on the train could not help but be transfixed by his voice.

“This young man has all that is takes to catch audience’s attention – the voice, the courage to sing in public, better yet in the subway where someone’s singing may not always be welcomed, and of course the charisma,” the video was captioned. “Check out this very talented young man’s performance while riding on the subway in New York City. You gotta hear his voice! What an inspiration!”

Check out the performance for yourself below!

Source: Talented Kid Sings Beautifully On A Subway Train In NYC by nazariomaisonet


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