Son Of Hollywood Legend Clark Gable Refuses To Pay For Funeral Of His Estranged Son

There is some serious drama going on in the family of late Hollywood star Clark Gable right now, as the actor’s son is refusing to pay for the funeral of his own estranged son, who recently passed away at the age of 30.

Clark Gable III, the grandson of the Hollywood legend, was found dead in bed last month by his fiancĂ©. His sister Kaley Gable claimed that when she called their 57 year-old father John Clark Gable to tell him about the young man’s death, he “hung up” on her. He then sent her an angry text message, which she shared on Facebook.

“I’m sorry for your loss. This is what I want. Cremate him he’s not going in my family’s plot and I’m not paying for anything,” John texted her, referring to the Gable family plot in California where Clark Gable is buried.

“All of you use my Fathers name in disgrace and you don’t want me to go to the media believe me. Leave me and my Father out of this drug mess,” he continued. “There are no services on my end. Kayley is to never call me. Sorry for your loss I’m done it’s just that simple. Respect my wishes.”

Kaley, however, claimed it is their father who had the drug issue.

“I’m sorry, as my brother is in a coffin I’m standing up for him, as I always have, and the world needs to know the truth. I’m putting this out before you start telling lies,” she wrote. “John F*** YOU!! Your (sic) the one who got us high on drugs and did drugs in front of us as kids and tortured us and especially Clark so I’m going to write a book and let the world know the truth!! Im Disgusted I’m related to you! bring it ON!!!!! your (sic) the druggie!!!!”

Kaley also shared a screenshot of a celebrity magazine in 2006 that included an image of John leaving a courthouse and going to rehab. The headline refers to him as Clark Gable’s “druggie son.”

Clark Gable III’s cause of death has not yet been revealed at this time, but his family said that he had abused drugs in the past. It’s always sad to see any family fall apart like this, and we hope that the Gables can eventually put their differences aside to honor this young man’s memory as they should.

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