Puppy Trapped In Snow Is Rescued By Devoted Big Dog Friend

Dogs are known for the loyalty that they show humans, but a new video is going viral this week showing that they are loyal to each other as well!

Last month, the town of Durango, Colorado was hit with a staggering eighty inches of snow in a massive snowstorm. Despite the large amount of snow, one little dog was determined to go visit his dog friend next door. Unfortunately for the puppy, however, things did not quite go as planned for him, but his larger dog pal was thankfully there to save the day!

John Mace watched as his neighbor’s dog tried and failed to get through the snow in their backyards. The little puppy was practically drowning in the snow, and John was so amused that he whipped out his phone to record what was happening.

John tried to encourage the dog by saying “come here,” but before long, only his ears and eyes were visible above the snow. Realizing that the small dog was not going to make it, John brought in his dog Kona to come to the rescue.

As a bigger dog, Kona was able to plow through the snow with ease, as she was determined to save her friend. Even Kona got stuck at the deeper parts, and though she had to take a break at one point, she eventually reached her friend.

The little puppy could not be happier when Kona gets to him, and he thanks her by enthusiastically wagging his tail.

In getting to the puppy, Kona had created a clear path for the two to return back to John, who explained that this is the puppy’s first winter, as he is under a year-old. This was actually the second time he’d gotten stuck that day, so it’s a good thing that Kona was around to show him the ropes!

Check out the puppy rescue for yourself below!


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