Puppy Desperately Argues With Owner When Park Is Closing – Her Comeback Is Hilarious

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of the love and loyalty that they show to humans. As a result, dogs typically become members of the family, and some owners even call them their “fur babies.”

In the video below, you’ll see a woman try and take her two dogs to the dog park, only to find that it is closed when they get there. When she breaks this news to her canines, one of them does not take the news well!

It was such a sunny day outside that the woman thought it was a perfect day to take her dogs to the park, but when she got there, she discovered that it was closed so that staff could do maintenance to get rid of bugs and mites. The woman knew that this was a perfectly good explanation for closing the park, as the last thing she wanted was for her dogs to get covered in mites. However, one of her canines did not quite understand closure!

After the woman told her fur babies about the park being closed, her pug named Walter immediately began “complaining.” The way he barks makes him sound just like a small child does when complaining to his/her mother!

His owner kept trying to calm him down so that she could speak, but Walter would not stop barking. Finally, using a strict and firm voice, the owner said, “Do you wanna live with creepy crawlies all over? I guarantee you don’t.”

Walter blinked at her and fell silent, making it seem as if he truly did understand her! The little dog had no comeback to that logic.

After staying silent for a moment, Walter put his head down and looked to the side in shame.

“You really need to think about how you talk to me,” the woman said. “You’re disrespectful without even knowing my reasons why. You are allowed to have a voice here, but it’s like you’re crossing the line.”

The video has since gone viral, being viewed over 780,000 times. Dog owners everywhere can’t get enough of it!

Check out the video for yourself below!


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