Medical Student Blows ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’ Judges Away With Her Incredible Voice

When 23 year-old Tara Jamieson stepped onstage to audition for “Ireland’s Got Talent,” nobody knew what to expect from her. As soon as she opened her mouth, however, they realized right away that a star was in their midst!

Tara is from Ontario, Canada and is currently a Graduate Entry Medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. Though she graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2016, she explained to the judges that she now wants to become a pediatrician.

Judge Michelle Visage could not help but joke that Tara would, “sing to [her] kids while she gives them a shot,” to which she responded, “Exactly! Someone else finally gets it.”

It was clear right away that Tara had a rapport with the judges, as she continued to joke with them before she started to perform. As she sat down at the piano, she pressed on the ivory keys and told the judges, “I just want to make sure it works.” This got laughs from the judges, but it still was not clear if Tara had what it took to go on to the next round.

Any doubts about Tara’s abilities disappeared as soon as she started to sing. The entire room was completely speechless at just how talented she was. Needless to say, Tara is moving on to the next round, and many are saying that she is a contender to win the entire show.

Video of her audition has quickly gone viral, with people all over the world loving it. Check out Tara’s audition for yourself below!


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