Martha The Mini Horse Wins Millions Of Fans By Performing The ‘Moonwalk’

Martha is a rescued mini horse who has found herself become a viral sensation after a video went viral showing her moonwalking!

Martha suffers from dwarfism, but she’s showing the world that just because she’s small, it doesn’t mean she can’t do some incredible things!

Born with a long list of health issues, including twisted legs, Martha is now living the good life in Chesterfield, Missouri at the R&R Ranch which is a nonprofit organization that cares for mistreated mini horses. There, she is well taken care of and given all of the love that she needs.

Martha was rescued back in January when she was three months-old as an Iowa breeder was trying to sell her. At the time, Martha was covered in lice and was completely terrified. Since then, she has made a full recovery, and she has quickly shone everyone on the ranch that she has an adorably sassy personality.

Martha loves prancing around the ranch, but it’s her signature move that has won her fans around the world. Believe it or not, this mini horse loves to perform the “moonwalk,” which was popularized by Michael Jackson!

Last month, the ranch posted a video to Instagram showing Martha performing the move along with the caption, “Move over MJ, there’s a new moonwalker in town.”

The video opens with Martha gleefully running around the horse barn, and the ranchers can’t help but burst out laughing when they see what she does next.

Sure enough, Martha turns away from the camera and moonwalks in a way that would rival Michael Jackson himself!

This mini horse is clearly having the time of her life, and after all she’s been through, she deserves all the love in the world. Check out Martha’s moonwalking in the video below!


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