Man Recognizes Scarred Teen He Rescued As A Toddler Years Ago

Chris Thorp of California was in a parking lot with his wife recently when he saw a scarred teenager and felt an instant pang of recognition. It had been many years since he had seen the boy, but he immediately thought it might be him.

Chris is the Co-Program Manager of Operation Enduring Warrior-Task Force Sentinel, where he overseas programs that help wounded veterans. Chris was recently heading to an auto repair shop with his wife when he saw the scarred teen and said to his wife, “I wonder if that’s him…”

After dropping his wife off at the repair shop, Chris parked and approached the teen. It had been thirteen years since he had last seen the boy when the child was 4 years-old and had just been in a fiery car crash.

“Is your name Christian?” Chris asked him, and when the teen said yes, he could not believe it. Making sure he had the right person, Chris then asked him if he had been involved in a car crash on Highway 101 off Windsor when he was a toddler.

When Christian said that he had been, Chris informed him that he was one of the people who had pulled the boy out of the car and beaten down the flames of the fire with their jackets. Thirteen years before, Chris had saved his life!

Chris and Christian talked for a long time and caught each other up on their lives. Before they parted ways, Chris said that he had something for the teen and proceeded to give him the Gold Medal of Valor that he had been awarded years before for saving him. He told Christian that he is a warrior who is far braver than he could ever hope to be.

“He accepted it, and in a lot of ways I realized I had been merely it’s Keeper, until the time came for him to take possession,” Chris posted on Facebook. “I still don’t know how I feel. Him and his Family are very much a part of me. A part of me has come home, and at the same moment a huge weight has been lifted from my heart. Well, Higher Power… If you are there. Thank You.”

This is definitely an encounter that neither Chris nor Christian will ever forget!


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