Maid Is Hired To Clean Gorgeous House – Then Gets The Surprise Of Her Life

Cara Simmons is a 36 year-old mother of three who works multiple jobs to support her family. When she was recently hired as a maid to clean a house, however, she had no idea that she was about to be given the surprise of a lifetime.

Cara spent years working as a housekeeper, never taking a single vacation day because she was determined to support her children.

Unfortunately, Cara worked so hard that she was hospitalized multiple times for ulcers caused by all the stress that she was under. Despite this, she continued to work as hard as she could. Maid Bright, Cara’s employer, decided to do something special for her because of all her hard work, so they sent her to the house of someone “very important.”

When Cara arrived at the house, she was greeted by a woman named Madeline Blue. Once Cara was finished cleaning, Madeline told her that there was still a lot more to do since she was going to be throwing a party that evening.

Madeline led Cara into the kitchen and introduced her to the private chef before taking her into the dining room. Cara thought she was about to serve as a “taste tester” for that night’s meal, and she ended up being served a gourmet lobster and truffle meal.

Cara was in awe of the amazing meal, and after she finished, the doorbell rang. Madeline opened it and returned with some men with massage and reflexology tables. It was then that Cara realized that the “party” was actually for her!

This was all part of a project called “Prank It Forward,” and it was organized by Cara’s employer and her sister Glo Nicholson. Little did Cara know that her day of surprises had only just begun!

Cara was taken to a closet full of clothes, where she was told to pick out anything she wants. Before long a delivery man showed up with boxes full of Cara’s belongings. She tried to explain that she did not own the house, having no idea that she actually did!

“I have always wanted to own a home,” Cara said. “And I remember being young and having a home with my family, and my parents got a divorce, and it changed, and we moved, but I remember the happiness there. I think my family will just create awesome memories in this house.”

On top of that, Cara was surprised with a trip to Mexico, where she will have the chance to explore the Mayan ruins with her sister.

“I was in shock and stunned and crying,” Cara said. “I had no idea what was going on. It was the most amazing prank.”

Check out this incredible “prank” for yourself below!


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