Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers And His Wife Of 18 Years Welcome Their Ninth Child

Los Angeles Chargers star quarterback Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany, who he has been married to for 18 years,  welcomed their ninth child together last week when their daughter Anna was born.

The Chargers made the announcement of her birth on Twitter, writing, “SHE’S HERE. Welcome to the world, Anna Rivers.”

Philip and Tiffany, who are devout Catholics, are now the proud parents of seven daughters and two sons: Halle, 16; Caroline, 13; Grace, 12; Gunner, 10; Sarah, 8; Peter, 7; Rebecca, 5; and Clare, 3, and newborn Anna. They all live in San Diego, California, with Philip commuting the 90 miles to Los Angeles for his job playing football.

Though Philip has a grueling job on the football field, he is a devoted father when he’s not playing games or practicing.

“He always wants to be with us. Whenever he’s home, he plays with us and he’s with us all the time,” said his son Gunner. “Wherever we go out – we go all kinds of places – random people just come up and ask for his autograph and for pictures. It’s cool. But he’s always there for us. But when he’s home, we like to throw the football in the yard. We like to putt on the putting green, watch football and do things like that.”

Philip has previously admitted that though having a big family was always his dream, there are challenges that come with it.

“I think it’s a challenge, and I’m by no means perfect at it, nor is anybody, but I think what I would always tell other dads is to try to be present. Just try to be there,” the quarterback said. “Sometimes you have long work days. Sometimes you have to be on the road a lot. But when you’re home, be home.”

“When you’re present, be present the best you can,” Philip continued. “Like I said, we all fail. But I think from a dad standpoint, children want our time. Sometimes it might just be five minutes, and sometimes it can be a lot more, but I think they want our time and to be engaged with them and present.”


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