Little Caesars Employees Refuse To Serve Cop In Uniform – Then Get A Nasty Surprise

Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect the rest of us, yet they are villainized by the news media and in turn, have promoted a lack of respect towards the police. Recently, a police officer was refused service at a Little Caesars pizza restaurant, but the situation thankfully did not end well for the employees of the establishment.

It all started when Officer Ronnie Phillips walked up to the counter in uniform at a Little Caesars restaurant in Dora, Alabama. He was just trying to pick up dinner for his family, but two employees refused to serve him because he is a cop.

When Ronnie returned home that night without dinner, his wife Michelle was “livid” upon hearing what happened.

“Those of you who know me, know I have a temper when it comes to my family,” she said afterwards.

The Little Caesars corporate office was also furious when they heard what their employees had done, and they did not hesitate to make things right. Within 24 hours, justice came raining down on the employees who had refused Ronnie service.

“The two employees were terminated the following morning,” explained Jill Proctor, corporate communications manager of Little Caesars.

Not stopping there, Little Caesars sent corporate representatives to Dora to visit the police station and bring free pizza for all the officers. In addition, the day after Ronnie was denied service, Little Caesars announced that they would be offering free pizza to any current or retired officer in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area.

“We’ll be treating the Dora police station to free pizza today, Wednesday, February 14,” Little Caesars said in a statement. “Plus, any current or retired police officer or immediate family member can bring proof (to any Birmingham location and get free pizza).”

“We are proud to serve those who tirelessly serve us and always strive to do the best,” they continued. “A customer service situation occurred at one of our locations where the crew members of this independently owned and operated franchise location did not follow our core principles. Upon investigation, these two crew members were immediately terminated.”

We’re glad to see that Little Caesars stepped up and did the right thing.


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