Jimmy Osmond Bans Brothers From Visiting Him Two Months After Suffering Major Stroke

Months after suffering from a stroke around Christmas, it’s been revealed that 55 year-old Jimmy Osmond has banned his brothers and sister from visiting him in the hospital, leaving them unaware of how he is doing.

His brother Merrill has just revealed that Jimmy has asked his family to stay away while he recovers from the stroke, and that he has not seen any family members for two months.

“He’s hurting pretty bad. He’s in the States but doctors won’t even let the family in on it yet,” Merrill said. “The severity of it – none of us know. It’s the way his family wants it. Jimmy has been through a lot and he just wants to be all by himself right now. We’re all giving him space. It’s just his wife and his children with him right now.”

Both Jimmy and Merrill were in the singing group The Osmonds with their siblings Alan, Tom, Virl, Wayne, Jay, Donny and sister Marie. Jimmy was performing onstage as Captain Hook in the show “Peter Pan” in London when he suffered the stroke. He managed to push through and finish the performance even after suffering the stroke before he was rushed to the hospital.

“He has received the care he needs and is looking forward to a few months of self care,” a source close to Jimmy said at the time.

This is not the first time Jimmy has suffered a stroke, as he suffered his first one 15 years ago when he was 40. Please keep Jimmy in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to recover from this stroke.


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