India Opens The Nation’s First Hospital For Abused Elephants

Back in November, India opened their country’s first ever hospital that aimed to treat abused elephants. Since then, the hospital has treated 26 wounded elephants.

The hospital was founded in Uttar Pradesh by Wildlife SOS, a nonprofit animal welfare group that has been rescuing wild animals throughout India since 1995. Not only has the group rescued abused elephants, they have also rescued bears, leopards, turtles, and other endangered species.

The 26 elephants that have been treated at the hospital have been rescued from abusive tourist attractions like circuses, temples, riding camps, and private owners. The abuses have left the elephants suffering from a wide range of medical problems, which is why the rescue group felt like it was necessary to open the hospital.

The hospital is equipped with things like wireless digital radiology, ultrasound, laser therapy, an in-house pathology lab, and a medical hoist that allows for disabled elephants to be lifted comfortably and transported around the facility. In addition, the hospital has specialty treatments like a jumbo-sized digital weight scale, laboratory testing capabilities, and a hydrotherapy pool.

One of the hospital’s current patient is a former street-riding elephant named Holly, who was confiscated from a private owner. Holly is completely blind in both of her eyes, and when rescue workers found her, her body was covered with chronic untreated abscesses. She also was suffering from arthritis in her back legs because of malnutrition.

Thankfully, Holly has made great strides since arriving at the hospital. Veterinarians have been using cold laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasonograph to treat her arthritis, and they tend to her abscessed wounds daily. She is also getting all the fruits that she needs to treat her malnutrition!

After all that these elephants have gone through, it’s heartwarming to hear that these gentle giants are being cared for by this wonderful, first of its kind elephant hospital.


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