Husband Has Priceless Reaction To Learning He’s Having Triplets

It’s always fun to see videos in which men react to news that their wives are pregnant and that they are about to become fathers.

Typically, when learning that you are expecting a baby, you assume that you’re going to have just one baby. Anyone who has ever been in this position knows how overwhelming it is to get the news that one child is coming, so imagine what it’s like to be told you’re about to become a dad to three babies, and that your wife is having triplets!

In the video below, you’ll see a father react to the news that his wife is pregnant with triplets. Though this is huge news that would leave many in shock, this dad handles it like a pro.

“After already having 2 children, I surprised my husband at work with the ultrasound of our third pregnancy,” Stephanie Valas wrote in the video description. “I snuck the phone in my jacket pocket so he wouldn’t know he was being recorded.”

Video of his reaction has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly two million times! Social media users can’t get enough of the video, praising the dad for having such a genuine and enthusiastic reaction.

“One of the best dad reactions I have seen. What an amazing man,” one social media user wrote, with another adding, “I like how he was happy to have more children and just cared that they were healthy.”

“Your husband’s enthusiasm is infectious,” a third user wrote. “I understand it’s a lot to worry about but you two seem to have big hearts so I’m excited for those kids to have two great parents.”

Check out the video for yourself below!


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