Feds Crack Down On Fake Veteran Charities

The Federal Trade Commission has just announced a major crackdown on bogus veteran charities.

The FTC has teamed up with law enforcement officials and regulators from offices in every state, DC, American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico to announce that over 100 actions and a consumer education initiative in “Operation Donate with Honor.”

This is all meant to be a crackdown on fake charities that con consumers by falsely promising their donations will help veterans and service members.

“Americans are grateful for the sacrifices made by those who serve in the U.S. armed forces,” explained FTC Chairman Joe Simons. “Sadly, some con artists prey on that gratitude, using lies and deception to line their own pockets. In the process, they harm not only well-meaning donors, but also the many legitimate charities that actually do great work on behalf of veterans and service members.”

Neil G. “Paul” Paulson, Sr. and Help the Vets, Inc., (HTV) is set to be banned from soliciting charitable contributions under settlements with the FTC and the states of Florida, California, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio and Oregon, after they were found to be falsely promising donors their contributions would help wounded and disabled veterans. They have since been charged with violating federal and state laws related to their actions, and the FTC found that HTV did not help disabled veterans. Instead, 95 percent of every donation was spent on fundraising, administrative expenses, and Paulson’s salary and benefits.

Kudos to the FTC for cracking down on charities that falsely claim to be helping veterans. Not only are these dishonest charities stealing from generous donors but they are shamelessly taking advantage of veterans who have sacrificed so much for their country!


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