Father Learns That Drug Deals Are Taking Place At His Son’s Favorite Playground – Sends Brutal Message To Dealers

Our country is in the midst of an opioid crisis, and sadly, kids are getting hooked on drugs at an earlier age than ever. Indeed, parents are rightfully concerned about their children being exposed to drugs. As in the case of one  father who learned that drug deals were taking place at his son’s favorite playground, he immediately took action.

Jeremiah Fjeld and his family recently moved to a new house in Virginia Beach, Virginia that was located right across the street from the neighborhood playground. They thought they had found a safe place to raise their family, which is why Jeremiah was stunned one day when his wife called him to frantically say that she had just seen a drug deal go down at the playground just twenty feet away from where their son was playing.

After asking around, Jeremiah learned from neighbors that many others had seen deals like this one took place at the playground as well. He immediately called the police, but deciding that this wasn’t enough, the father decided to take action himself.

Infuriated by what was happening, Jeremiah headed to the playground and walked right up to the man who was selling drugs. The infuriated father then grabbed him by the backpack and warned him never to show his face at the playground again!

“This is for our kids and it’s not for you to do your drug deals,” Jeremiah told him.

And Jeremiah did not stop there! Check out the video below to see the clear message that Jeremiah ended up sending to his community. We doubt that anyone will dare to do a drug deal in his neighborhood again!


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