Family Builds Ford Mustang Entirely Out Of Snow – Then Get Humorous Ticket From Police Officer

Spring may officially begin next week, but for many parts of the United States, winter is still in full swing! The city of Omaha, Nebraska has had particularly rough weather this winter, which has been full of snowstorms.

After a recent snowstorm in Omaha, Jason Blundell and his two teenage children decided to have some fun by building a Ford Mustang completely out of snow! To make this, the Blundells used a skid loader, concrete wood floats, shovels, ice scrapers and a squirt bottle.

After they posted a photo of their creation on Facebook, family friend Nebraska State Patrol Sgt. Mick Downing decided to have some fun with them in a hilarious way. He posted a video of himself approaching the snow car, saying that he spotted this “illegally parked car” and was going to write it a ticket. He then wrote out a fake tow-away notice and left it on the “windshield.”

He posted the video to the Nebraska State Patrol’s Facebook page, where it quickly went viral! Downing was stunned by just how popular the video ended up being.

“Holy cow, this thing blew up,” Downing said afterwards. “One of my friends in Gretna said the BBC picked this up, (as did) some news organization in Australia.”

It’s always fun to see the creative things that people can do with snow. Though there are many annoying things about winter, playing in the snow really never does get old!

Sgt. Downing came across an awesome find yesterday in Chadron. Now this is artwork!#SnowPony

Posted by Nebraska State Patrol on Sunday, March 10, 2019


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