Dozens Of Bibles And A Cross Survive After Massive Fire Burns West Virginia Church To The Ground

Earlier this month, the Coal City Fire Department was called to Freedom Ministries Church in Grandview at around 1am after it caught on fire. The blaze was so intense that the firefighters were forced back at one point. In the end, the entire church burned to the ground, and the firefighters were stunned when the only things that survived were dozens of bibles and a cross.

Dozens of bibles were found underneath the rubble of the church, and a crucifix was found on the wall completely unscathed.

“Though odds were against us, God was not,” the fire department wrote on Facebook. “Picture this, a building so hot that at one point in time, firefighters had to back out. In your mind, everything should be burned, ashes.”

“Not a single bible was burned and not a single cross was harmed!! Not a single firefighter was hurt!” they continued. “Prayers for the pastor and the congregation today.”

Christian social media users have expressed shock and awe at what happened here.

“He said heaven and earth shall pass away but his word will always stand there,” one user wrote, with another adding, “We had a fire in a loft above our garage growing up. We had a picture of Jesus on a wall where the fire started. Everything was on fire. But the picture of Jesus never caught on fire. God is so good.”

The cause of the fire is still being investigated at this time.


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