Dolly Parton’s Sister Says She’s ‘Ashamed’ Of The Singer After She Refuses To Speak Out About #MeToo Movement

Dolly Parton’s sister Stella Parton just spoke out to slam the singer for refusing to talk about the #MeToo movement.

Stella said that she is “ashamed” that Dolly won’t talk about sexual harassment in the country music industry, saying that she should use her platform to do so.

“I’m ashamed of my sister for keeping her mouth shut,” Stella said. “She can run it when it is about something else, but speak up about injustice, Dolly Parton. Speak up. And speak out. Defend women, and don’t just do it in a little song. Speak up.”

“This is the first time I’ve really publicly called my sister out,” she continued. “But it’s high time that some of these older women speak up and speak out. They’ve all gone through all kinds of abuse in this industry so: speak up.”

Stella went on to slam Dolly’s longtime friends Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep for staying silent about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

“In the same way that Jane Fonda and people who have been in Hollywood all these years and never said a word, like Meryl Streep was all big buddies with Harvey Weinstein until he got busted,” she said. “And then she kinda came around to say, ‘well, you know, that’s terrible’ … well, why didn’t you speak up when it came down? You knew it? All these women just didn’t speak up because they’re afraid they’re gonna mess with their fanbase. I think women would be more apt to respect you if you would speak up.”

This was in direct response to an interview Dolly gave in which she said she did not want to label herself a feminist or get involved in the #MeToo movement.

“I don’t think… I mean, I must be if being a feminist means I’m all for women, yes,” Dolly said. “But I don’t feel I have to march, hold up a sign or label myself. I think the way I have conducted my life and my business and myself speaks for itself. I don’t think of it as being feminist. It’s not a label I have to put on myself. I’m just all for gals.”

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