Dog Owners Have Hilarious Response After NYC Subway Bans Pets That Don’t Fit In Bags

Pet owners were outraged recently when New York City banned dogs from the subway unless they were small enough to fit inside a bag or a carrier. If you know anything about dog people, however, you know that they will do just about anything to travel with their dogs. That’s why it should come as no surprise that dog owners have been getting creative with their hilarious responses to this ban!

Dog owners have responded to this new law by being not only resourceful but doing it with a great sense of humor too. Scroll down and see for yourself!

The Doggybag Phenomenon

An Instagram user posted this hilarious photo of her dog along with the caption, “XL LLbean Tote: How a 45 pound black Lab rides the New York City subway.”

When asked how she got her dog into the bag, she responded, “We just pick her up and put her in! She knows it means she gets to go somewhere so she cooperates.” Hey, technically she is following the rules!

IKEA Comes Through

People use IKEA bags for a variety of things, from shopping bags to laundry carriers, but I’ve never seen them used as a dog carrier before! Clearly, this dog is not actually being carried, but he technically IS in a bag.

Enormous Backpack Comes In Handy

This is one big dog, so his owner needs a very large backpack to fit him into. We have to say that the dog looks quite comfy and content in the hiking bag!

A Champion Commuter

This photo was posted to Instagram along with the caption, “Brady’s first NYC subway ride!” Though Brady looks a little less confident with this arrangement than some of the other dogs, we’re sure he’ll get used to it in no time.

All Rolled Up For The Ride

This dog sure is secured for his subway ride! I don’t think he’ll be falling out anytime soon.

Totally Unfazed

This dog has absolutely no shame, and he looks like a seasoned pro who has done this many times before. It’s almost as if he’s daring the authorities to try and get his owner in trouble for this!


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