Dog Leads Owner To Box Of Abandoned Puppies After Hearing Them Crying

Back in January, was out for a walk with his dog in a waterlogged field in Bali, Indonesia when something happened that he was not expecting.

Christian typically had his headphones in so that he could listen to his favorite podcast while they walked, but on this particular day, something in his gut told him to keep his eyes and ears open. Suddenly, Christian’s dog started behaving oddly, frantically trying to pull his owner to one spot of the field.

As Christian got closer to the particular spot the dog was pulling him towards, he started to hear faint whimpering and crying sounds. Finally, his dog led him right to a basket containing four abandoned newborn puppies.

The puppies were soaking wet and covered in dirt, and it was clear that they were freezing cold. Christian had no idea how or why the puppies were abandoned there, but he was thankful that his dog had been observant enough to find them.

Christian immediately scooped the puppies up and set them up in a temporary foster home with a mother dog so the puppies could be weaned.

“The puppies wouldn’t have survived without the mother dog,” he explained. “One of them refused to drink from the bottle. She was drinking for the first time this morning from the new mother.”

Thanks to Christian and his dog, these puppies are now on their way to the forever homes that they deserve. Thank God Christian and his dog were in the right place at the right time!

Source: Dog finds abandoned puppies in field after hearing their cries for help by Newsflare


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