Desperate Parents Go Public To Warn Others About Strep Virus In Sinuses

When Arden and Ashlee Hawley of Idaho first noticed a strange mark on their son Coop’s face, they didn’t think much of it. However, the mark quickly started to get much worse, and the Hawleys have now gone to social media to warn other parents about a strain of strep in the sinuses.

Though most people think strep throat is the only kind of strep that there is, there are actually twenty different types of strep bacteria that can manifest themselves in many different ways.

“Coop had a strange mark across his face that we thought was compliments of his little brother,” Arden wrote on Facebook. “After seeing personal physician who gave him a steroid that only made it worse since he didn’t know what it was, we came to the ER at eirmc where they determined he had strep throat but in his sinuses and obviously in his face.”

Had the Hawleys not taken Coop to the ER when they did, things could have gotten much worse very fast.

“It could have been really bad had we not came in, they told us it will continue to migrate through there eyes and into their brain if not treated,” Arden continued. “They believe we caught his in time but please take this and show as far and wide as you can. It may save someone’s babies.”

Thankfully, Arden later posted an update saying that Coop is well on his way to recovery.

“We have him home now and he is doing much better!” he wrote. “Thank you all so much for the prayers and shares, I have no doubt this will help someone get treatment much quicker than they may have without seeing this.”

Arden’s post has since gone viral, being shared over a million times. Other parents have also taken to social media to issue similar warnings in response. This mother recounted her own experience on the Simply Real Moms Facebook page.

Please help us get the word out about this so that other parents can be warned as well!


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