Couple Spotted Watching Their Bahamas Cruise Ship Leave After They Are 45 Minutes Late

Some people seem to think that the world revolves around them, and they have no regard for the feelings or time of others. Unfortunately for one young couple, however, they just learned the hard way that the massive cruise ship they were traveling on would not wait for just two people when they were 45 minutes late to boarding.

A viral video shows the couple just miss their chance to board the Royal Caribbean ship the Symphony of the Seas in Nassau, Bahamas. The video was filmed by a fellow traveler who was on the top deck of the neighboring cruise ship the Norwegian Bliss.

“All aboard time was 3:30pm. At 4:15PM the gangway was removed, doors were closed and the lines were let loose,” the video description read. “The couple showed up approximately 5 minutes later only to see the ship preparing to push off!”

As the ship pulls away, the couple can be seen running up the dock frantically waving at the ship in the hopes that it would stop and wait for them. Their efforts were in vain, and they were left with no choice but to watch the ship sail away without them.

“Oh my God,” the person filming can be heard saying.

The video has since gone viral, being viewed over two million times, with most social media users saying that the couple got what they deserved.

“These are the type of people that, if you are having a party that starts at 8pm, you tell them,” one user commented, with another adding, “I just came off a cruise a few days ago. Daily I saw people come back after the “cut off” time of 430pm. I saw people coming in between 445pm-5pm. If you can’t respect the rules you deserve to get left.”

“That boat hold 5,518 passengers. 5,516 of them were appropriately able to follow directions,” a third user wrote. “If I were the captain, i would have tried to splash water in their face on the way out, just for being douche bags.”

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