Clogging Champions Bring Down The House With ‘Uptown Funk’ Performance

Dancing is a wonderful form of expression that does wonders for not only your body, but also your soul. More than anything else, dancing is a great form of exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere.

If you’re looking to learn a new form of dance, we would like to suggest clogging to you. Before you shut clogging down as “lame,” check out the video below this story. It will most certainly change your mind about this, as it will show you how hip clogging can really be!

Clogging is a difficult form of dance to learn, as it takes a lot of discipline and attention to detail to master. Once you have clogging down, however, it could not be more fun.

In the video below, you’ll see a four-time national champion dance group from Lincoln, Nebraska perform an unforgettable clogging routine to the Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson song “Uptown Funk.” After watching this, it will be difficult for you to resist the urge to get up and start clogging yourself!

The video opens with fourteen dancers standing onstage with their heads bowed. As soon as the music drops, the dancers really let loose, showing the audience that this will be a clogging routine the likes of which they have never seen before.

Video of their performance has since gone viral, being viewed over 700,000 times. Social media users everywhere just can’t get enough of their clogging skills!

“That actually gave me goosebumps!!! Nice job!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “That was so much fun to watch.”

Check out the performance for yourself below!


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