Andrea Bocelli Brings Audience To Tears With Powerful ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ Performance

Andrea Bocelli is widely considered to be the greatest singer of our time. He has had numerous hits over the years in multiple languages, including the Italian songs “La Voce Del Silenzio”, “Dare to Live (Vivere)”and English hits like “The Prayer” with Celine Dion and “Fall on Me” with his beloved son, Matteo.

There’s truly nothing like Bocelli’s live performances, and in the video below, you’ll see him give an unforgettable performance of the song “Music Of The Night” from the classic musical “The Phantom Of The Opera.”

Born in Tuscany, Bocelli had vision problems from the time he was a baby, and he was completely blind by the time he was 12 years-old after an accident in a soccer game. Bocelli never let this hold him back from pursuing his dreams, and he continued to follow his passion for music. Bocelli learned to play the piano as well as many other instruments, but it wasn’t until a bit later that he found his true passion of singing.

He got his big break when Luciano Pavarotti invited him to provide vocals for “Miserere,” which went on to become a major hit. Before long, Bocelli was touring the globe and had a successful solo career singing at big events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Metropolitan Opera.

Bocelli continues to tour and perform to this day, and in the video below, you’ll see him perform at a memorial for Princess Diana in Wembley Stadium. For the performance, he chose to sing the song “Music Of The Night,” and he sure did not disappoint!

Check out Bocelli’s performance below!


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