8 Year-Old With One Arm Has Little League Crowd Go Wild After Hitting Grand Slam

Tommy Morrissey is an 8 year-old boy from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida who was born missing most of his right arm. The little boy has never let this hold him back in life, and he’s displayed an incredible talent for sports from the time he was a small child.

Tommy was only 3 years-old when he was declared a golf prodigy, making appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and Fox Sports with golfing legend Tiger Woods.

Though he first earned fame for his golfing abilities, Tommy also is talented in other sports, including baseball. Now, a video is going viral of one of his recent baseball games showing him nail a grand slam!

On March 13, all the bases were loaded during the Palm Beach Gardens Florida Youth Athletic Association Little League game. Tommy grabbed the bat and held onto it tight as the ball hurtled towards him, and he hits a home run like a true professional!

Tommy and his teammates proceeded to sprint around the bases as the opposing team frantically scrambled to try and grab the ball. Meanwhile, the crowd went wild as they shouted words of encouragement to Tommy and his fellow teammates.

For an instant, it seems like a member of the opposing team is about to tag Tommy with the ball, but this does not end up happening. Instead, Tommy slides into home base, completing his grand slam!

Tommy is inspiring millions of people all over the world to never let anything hold them back in life. Check out his incredible baseball moment for yourself below!


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