4 Foot Tall Basketball Player Inspires Thousands With Amazing Highlight Reel

Reese Turner is a high school student from Cushing, Texas who stands at just four feet tall, but he has never let this hold him back from achieving his dream of playing basketball.

As a junior at Cushing ISD, Reese enjoys playing for the school’s Bearkats boys’ basketball team.

Reese has proven that he deserves to be on the team by sinking shots and averaging eight points a game. Since joining the team, Reese has become a viral sensation, inspiring thousands of people to not let anything hold them back in life!

Reese first found viral success when he posted his highlight reel on Instagram with the hashtags #differentbreed and #heartoverheight. Jeremy Tamez, Reese’s coach, said that the teenager has found success because of how hard he works.

“He stays after almost every practice, shoots, makes sure he gets everything down,” Jeremy said. “I think it’s pretty amazing to see somebody put that much dedication into something getting seen by everybody out there.”

Reese has never let the negative words of naysayers get him down, as he refuses to let haters take away the belief he has in himself.

“People still say I couldn’t but I just try to go out there and prove them wrong,” Reese said. “You know just kind of do my thing and not worry about what people say.”

Reese is hoping that he will inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what.

“Look at me,” he said. “I mean I’m not tall enough, fast enough, strong enough but yet I still go out there and I still give it 100% at whatever I do. Live up to your dreams and don’t let anybody else destroy your dreams.”

Check out Reese’s highlight reel for yourself below!


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