Young Singer Blows Judges Away With Epic Performance Of Bon Jovi Hit

It takes a lot of guts to audition for a nationally televised reality television competition show. Performing in front of the entire world can be nerve wracking, but thankfully, Matthias Nebel decided that it would be worth it to show everyone what he has got.

When Matthias decided to audition for “The Voice Of Germany,” he knew he needed to do whatever he could to get the judges to turn around for him.

When he took the stage, Matthias chose to sing the classic Bon Jovi song “Bed of Roses.” As soon as he opened his mouth, the judges were completely lost in his performance. It was clear right away that a star was on their stage!

As soon as Matthias hit the high notes of the song, two of the judges hit their buzzers and turned around. The other two soon hit their buzzers as well, meaning that Matthias had all four of the judges on his side!

Matthias’ family members were ecstatic when they saw all the judges turn around for him! The young singer ended up deciding to go with coach Michael Patrick Kelly, who happened to be a huge Bon Jovi fan himself.

It’s abundantly clear that Matthias has a long career in music ahead of him! Video of his audition has quickly gone viral, earning him fans from all over the world.

“Dude.. this is the best performance of this song i have ever heard,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “This needs to be included in Best Auditions of 2018. Where do I vote?”

Check out his audition below!


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