UPS Driver Pulls Out Epic Dance Moves After Noticing Camera Recording Him

As more and more people have started buying things online in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in package thieves swiping deliveries from people’s doorsteps. That’s why many have started installing security cameras at their doors to prevent this from happening.

Recently, one of these cameras captured something that wasn’t a crime, and it’s bringing joy to internet users everywhere!

Bethany Auth was out Christmas shopping with her husband when she got a notification that someone was on her porch. When she checked to see who it was, she saw that it was a package delivery by Jimbo Rayl, their designated UPS driver. She was surprised to see that he was not only delivering the package, he was also performing an epic dance!

Bethany and her husband burst out laughing as soon as they saw Jimbo’s moves. It completely made their day!

Jimbo had been planning to just deliver the package and leave, but when he saw the camera, he got another idea. The deliveryman stepped back, turned his hat to the side, and started to show off his dance moves. He may not be the best dancer in the world, but Jimbo certainly brings joy to anyone watching!

The video of his dance has quickly gone viral, showing the world that your job is as fun as you make of it! Regardless of how tedious your job is, it’s important to find joy in it whenever possible. We applaud Jimbo for having some fun and bringing smiles to people’s faces with his impromptu dance!

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