These Twelve Teachers Have Hilarious Ways Of Dealing With Students

Any teacher knows that the job comes with many pros and cons. While it can be difficult at times, being a teacher is also extremely rewarding, as it allows someone to help cultivate and prepare young minds for their future.

Teachers have tons of influence over the way their students learn, so they like to make their lessons more fun whenever they can. It’s important to create a balance between allowing your students to learn while making class more fun and engaging. With that in mind, here’s a list of twelve teachers who have mastered the skill of dealing with their students in humorous ways.

This teacher definitely has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in his classroom.

Hey, at least he won something!

Lord of the Rings reference for the win!

Use the force, Luke.

Well, that’s one way to stay hydrated!

This teacher confiscated her students’ cell phones to ward off any temptation of cheating!

Way to teach this student an important lesson in life!

Definitely a clever note from a teacher to remind students to sit up and pay attention in class!

Any teacher knows that their pens and pencils always seem to go missing. This teacher took care of that in the best way possible!

Late assignments will NOT be accepted in this classroom!

This is one way to fundraise for a good cause!

This teacher has had ENOUGH of students forgetting to put their names on their tests!

In the end, we appreciate all teachers for everything they do for their students. Please take a moment to give thanks to the teachers in your life for all the things that they do!


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