Take A Look At This Gorgeous Moated Home In Louisiana

A series of photos are going viral this week showing a five-story home in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and many are saying it’s one of the most beautiful homes that they have ever seen.

The 66 foot-high home sits on a 14 acre lot that has an abundance of huge live oak trees, and the house even has a moat!

Each floor has one room that is in the shape of an octagon, and a wooden staircase connects the floors with each other.

While the second and third floors are bedrooms, the fourth and fifth floors are rooftop patios that offer beautiful views.

The home was made and is owned by antiques dealer Robert E. Smith, a sixth-generation Louisianian who is very proud of his creation. He explained that the home was inspired by the “garden follies” of 18th century France, which are known as “fabriques.”

“I suggest you begin walking where the pea-gravel path starts in order to approach the tower from its best vantage point,” Smith told a reporter visiting the home.

The home was briefly put on the market for $6.83 million back in 2012, but was taken off the market later that year.

Social media users can’t get enough of the home, saying that they have never seen anything like it!


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