Snoring Baby Elephant Melts Hearts Around The World With His Hilarious Noises

An adorable baby elephant has won himself fans all over the world after a video went viral showing him make hilarious noises as he enjoyed a nap at a Thailand sanctuary.

Khun-Seuk is a baby elephant who loves taking naps at his sanctuary in Chiang Mai. In the video below, you’ll see him indulging in a nap and thoroughly enjoying it by the funny snoring sounds he makes in his sleep.

Though Khun-Seuk wakes up about halfway through the video, he does not seem to be in any rush to get up! I feel you, Khun-Seuk! Anyone who has had to get up for work on a Monday can relate to this!

Instead of getting up, the baby elephant moves his trunk into his mouth and stares directly at the camera. He then moves his leg as he tries to get comfortable again, and once he finds the right position, he falls right back to sleep again! Before long, he starts making the same noises as he did before, albeit quieter this time, as he blissfully falls back to sleep.

“He’s just like a human, he loves to sleep,” one of his handlers explained. “But he makes the strangest noises I’ve ever heard.”

Social media users can’t get enough of Khun-Seuk!

“Something about this is soooo adorable! especially when the baby elephant placed it’s trunk in its mouth, like a pacificer!!! Awwww!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I would not mind if this baby elephant kept me up at night . His snoring is just too cute.”

Meet Khun-Seuk for yourself below!


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