Seamstress Creates Dresses That Include Pocket For Insulin Pump For Little Girls With Type 1 Diabetes

A young seamstress from Hanover, Massachusetts is being praised after she created a line of dresses for little girls suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

Julie Christian spent years working as a police officer before she decided to start a second career as a seamstress after she started sewing just one year ago. Though she initially wanted to devote her time to making tailored suits for women, that all changed when she got an unusual request from a 10 year-old girl who suffers from Type 1 diabetes last summer.

“I asked if she could make me a dress customized for a diabetic pump,” remembered little Julia Looker.

Christian was so touched by this request that she got to work immediately, and she ended up making a floral print dress that included a pocket to hide the pump. A hole in the waist seam allows Looker to feed the pump wire into the attachment on her leg. The little girl loved the dress immediately!

“It’s really convenient,” Looker said. “I like it a lot.”

Christian’s dress allows Looker to wear it like any other girl would, without having to wear shorts underneath to store her pump. When other mothers of girls who have Type 1 diabetes heard about this dress, they started contacting Christian as well. Before long, the seamstress had found a completely new calling in life.

“It wasn’t women’s suiting as I anticipated; it was a whole different idea,” she said. “I think it’s really cool because nobody else really does this.”

It’s so great to see someone come up with such a creative way to help children in need! Find out more about this in the video below.


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