Retired Cop Donates Kidney To Her Former Partner – ‘He’s My Ride Or Die’

Police officers who are beat partners together form extremely close bonds. Not only do they spend their entire work days with each other, they rely on one another for protection, and they never know when they’ll be called upon to save the other’s life.

Now, a retired police officer is saving the life of her previous beat partner in a way that is truly surprising and heartwarming!

It all started back in December, when 41 year-old Stanley Barsch took to Facebook to tell his friends that he was in desperate need of a kidney. The father of three had been forced to leave the police force after being diagnosed with polycystic kidney disorder, a hereditary disease that his mother died from in 2017.

When his former beat partner Megan Ambrose, 36, saw his post, she immediately went to get tested to see if she could be a match.

“I didn’t even think twice about it,” Megan said.

Six days after she was tested in January, Megan learned she was a match for Steven.

“They told me they wanted to transplant my left kidney,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. This is the way it’s supposed to be.”

Megan and Stanley first became beat partners in 2007, and they bonded right away, even setting a record in their department by pulling over 43 cars in one day!

“There are no words that do our partnership justice,” she said. “You experience things with your partner that you can’t really explain.”

Megan retired in 2012 after she was nearly killed in a car accident, but her friendship with Stanley never ended.

“He is family and he needs help and if I’m able to help him I’m going to do it,” she said.

Megan waited until Valentine’s Day to tell Stanley that she would indeed be donating a kidney to him. She invited his family over to her house and greeted him with a humorous letter written on green construction paper.

“So I heard urine need of a kidney,” she wrote. “Want mine? Turns out that we are a perfect match… Not only on the job but in blood and organs too. You always had my back on the road and off. Now you can have my kidney.”


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