Police Officer Stops To Play Catch With Child Playing Alone In Cold

These days, it often seems like only negative stories about police officers are reported in the media. That’s why it’s so great that a video is going viral showing the positive side of cops that are often not reported.

Nashville, Tennessee Officer Calvin Graham was out on patrol when he noticed a teenager named Caden playing ball alone in the cold. Calvin surprised the boy by stopping and playing catch with him for twenty minutes!

Caden’s mom Beth is still in shock about what the officer did for her son.

“It shows he has heart,” she said. “Cops get a bad rap but they have heart. They have kids at home too. It was nice of him to take the time to do that.”

Video of the cop’s kind act has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 146,000 times!

“Most Law Enforcement Officers are good people if given the chance,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “It’s great to see officers take time out like this. Some kids only see officers when bad things happen. This officer is giving this kid a positive outlook on police officers. Great Job!”

“This made my heart so happy!” a third user commented. “I love to see people taking a minute to invest in someone else. Great job to both the boy and the officer. I love to hear the officer giving him tips and encouraging him when he passes the ball.”

Check out the video for yourself below!


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