Parents Ask ‘Low-Tech’ Grandpa To Watch Infant While They’re Gone – End Up Getting Hilarious Texts From Him

We all love our grandparents because they give us unconditional love like nobody else does, and they spoil us like it’s their job!

One such beloved grandfather is David Waterhouse, known as “pawpaw” to his family, who is a police officer from Dallas that just came out of retirement. David recently flew from Texas to Kentucky to watch his new grandson Ty while the baby’s parents took a much-needed vacation.

Like many grandparents, David doesn’t know how to use technology very well, but he did not let this stop him from having some fun with little Ty!

David’s daughter Stephanie Waterhouse, Ty’s mom, explained that she has always thought of her dad as “low-tech,” as he does not use social media at all. In fact, the one thing he does use is his classic flip-phone, which he loves snapping photos on.

While Stephanie and her husband were on vacation, David sent them hilarious photos of Ty along with captions that he went through the trouble of typing and printing out.

Making this even more hilarious is that David printed these captions out back home in Dallas, before he even flew to Kentucky! Since he knew he would not be able to figure out the printer at his daughter’s house, he thought ahead and printed them out on his own instead.

Stephanie dubbed the photos “Memes by Pawpaw,” and David hilariously did not know what a meme was!

While David may not understand social media, he was not always so clueless about technology. In his younger years, he created a database that aims to track criminal information for the Dallas Police Department. His piece of technology was later used by the FBI as a model for the creation of the national database. So for all those kids out there who think they will always know all the latest pieces of technology, we’ll see how you’re doing in 60 years!

Watch more of David’s memes for Ty in the video below!


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